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Our Guns


We create beautiful heirloom quality wooden accouterments for your rifles and pistols.


Tactical preparation for the armageddon is no joke, and neither are our guns.


Enjoy hunting with our modern takes on hunting rifle classics.

Today's special

Fallout style NCR Service Rifle.

Adorned in our gorgeous Maple with black walnut stain.

SIC15 - Sigwo's Creation

  • Mil-Spec AR-15 built with love and quality. Shoots 1 MOA @ 100 yards.

Gadsden - Affordably Awesome

  • Show our new Gadsden style build for the wows.

Add some things about out build process, quality, selected parts and companies we use to build our custom guns. Talk about our Cyclone, OneFinity, MR-1, and Phantom in conjunction with building wood furniture. AR, AK, need 1911/2011 grips