About us

Sigwo Arms is the newest addition to a family-owned operation.  Sigwo Arms now joins Sigwo Technologies and Sigwo Industries as a part of the ongoing legacy of Steven and Danielle.  The Sigwo brand honors Steven’s 23+ years serving his country through the Signal Corps, from which he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer Four (CW4).  Their philanthropy efforts and love of country have led them to helping small businesses succeed and achieve the American Dream.  Together, Steven and Danielle have four wonderful children who keep them on their toes.  As a family, they believe in a strong community, that success is achievable for all, and these successes are better celebrated with friends. 

Cerakote® Certified

Sigwo Arms’ applicators are 100% Cerakote certified and factory trained! You can be confident we are using the best techniques and uphold the school-house standard of coating! We can coat almost any surface with over 300 colors!

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American Heritage, Reborn


Steven Grove, CEO

Founder and chief visionary, Steven's primary job is to keep everyone paid and happy. Also, not to get us into too many projects. (We all know Danielle actually runs the show, Steven just runs the website.)

Kurt Marlette, COO

He's the mean one that makes people work. He also makes sure Steven doesn't ruin everything.

Cory Stanley, CWO

Cory is our Chief Wood Officer. He's always hard up for some good American wood.

Cyclone, CRO

Cyclone is our Chief Robot Officer, keeping all five Cyclones in check and spinning our wares for customers.